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MFB Sharpening is a family owned high volume sharpening company that caters to beef, poultry and other protein processing and packaging plants throughout the United States. We are located near Cincinnati, OH and have the capabilities to service nationwide for plants that use large quantities of knives. Our knife maintenance program will keep sharp knives in the hands of your line workers on a daily basis. This will make their job easier and safer.

MFB Sharpening Capabilities

  • MFB can sharpen most knife brands.
  • Boning, breaking, and chef knives are just a few of the knives we handle on a day to day cycle.
  • Our sharpening service can maintain quantities of hundreds to thousands of knives per week.
  • We sell, lease, or sharpen current inventories.

Knife Maintenance Program

Finished Product Benefits

Increase yield % on final product. Stop WASTING meat and producing unacceptable cuts. It is proven that having sharp knives lowers the amount of meat being wasted on the processing line. This increases your yield percentage and improves the quality of the finished product.

Plant Benefits

Allows consistency on the processing line while increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency. CONSISTENCY allows you to have confidence in forecasting for the future. MFB Sharpening will alleviate the headache of daily complaints from line workers regarding dull knives.

Employee Benefits

Improve employee work standards and safety. The last thing a processing line trimmer wants to do is show up to work and have to sharpen their knives before their shift starts. REWARD your employees by providing them professionally sharpened knives everyday so they can produce their best work in a more efficient way.

MFB Sharpening’s Knife Give Back Initiative

MFB Sharpening is happy to give back and knowing that the service we provide helps to feed America makes us proud. Having sharp knives is important for the sustainability of the world’s food industries. We have created an initiative that places sharp knives in the hands of charities that focus on feeding those in need. We also supply college and university agriculture programs with sharp knives. This helps train the future graduates in food processing and packaging. We are pleased to be in a situation where we can impact the food supply chain in such a positive way. Donating sharpened knives to these charities and higher learning institutions help to make feeding the world a little easier.

What sets MFB Sharpening apart from other sharpening companies?

We have a proven record of sharpening tens of thousands of knives without missing a single deadline for our customers. MFB Sharpening takes pride in being a part of the solution in getting food on family’s tables. Our specialized sharpening system focuses on creating good jobs for real people, not robots. We consistently deliver on the promises we make to our customers. MFB understands plants need to have sharp knives and we are not satisfied until our customers are supplied with the tools they need to produce the best finished product as possible.

Please contact MFB Sharpening for details regarding our proven knife maintenance and sharpening program. We look forward to providing your plant with a solution for wasted meat, time and a way to improve employee morale, safety, and satisfaction.

If you’re a Beef, Poultry, or other Protein processing plant that uses large amounts of knives per day, then MFB Sharpening is the solution for you. No knife count is too high!

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