Brennan Jones My Friend Bren SharpeningMy name is Brennan Jones and I am the owner of My Friend Bren Sharpening. I have been sharpening surgical instruments and scissors for hospitals and surgeons for over 13 years. I started My Friend Bren Sharpening when I moved back to the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area and realized that there was a need for a reliable and professional sharpener specializing in styling shears, fabric shears, and cooking knives.


Most sharpeners use wrong angles and take too much metal off instruments. This dramatically shortens the life of the instrument and shortens the time between sharpenings. I have perfected putting the correct angled edge on instruments by using my expertise, experience and the best sharpening machines available. The machines I use take off minimal metal. This significantly increases the life of your instrument and extends the amount of time between sharpenings.


My goal for MFB Sharpening is to keep my client’s instruments sharp while saving them money by not having to constantly re-sharpen their instruments or buy new ones. My 100% satisfaction guarantee assures my clients they are working with a professional company who takes pride in their workmanship. I want all my clients, new and old, to have the peace of mind, be satisfied with my service, and save money. I look forward to sharpening your instruments for the first time and keeping you as a satisfied lifelong customer.

A professional mobile on-site sharpening service.

My Friend Bren Sharpening’s main focus is keeping our customer’s shears, scissors, knives and tools razor sharp for peak production while maintaining the life of the instrument for years to come.

With over 10 years of sharpening experience and expertise we can assure that your instruments are in good hands. They will be sharpened with professional machinery  that is specifically designed for each instrument or tool. Not only do we keep your instruments in service by preventative maintenance and sharpening, but we keep your instruments from being prematurely disposed of.

Mobile Knife and Scissor Sharpening Service Cincinnati OH

Client Testimonial

I will be calling My Friend Bren Sharpening the next time I need my knives sharpened!

I received a professional set of cooking knives for a wedding gift. Over the years, I never thought about getting them sharpened. Recently, a friend of mine told me how she had her kitchen knives sharpened by My Friend Bren Sharpening. I called them to inquire about sharpening my knives and they told me that they were an on-site company and they would come to my house to sharpen them. I used their services and couldn’t believe how sharp they were. I cannot believe how long I went cooking with dull knives. The difference is unbelievable!

Anna | Cincinnati, OH

My clients are raving about how amazingly precise their cut is! I cannot thank My Friend Bren Sharpening enough for their expertise sharpening skills!

The convenience of having My Friend Bren Sharpening come to my salon and sharpen my shears with their on-site service was spectacular. I was able to give them my shears to sharpen and have them back in my hands in 15 minutes! Their prices are fair and their sharpening workmanship is extremely professional!

Rachel | Northern Kentucky

Brennan Jones with My Friend Bren Sharpening. His on-site sharpening services provides a service we all need, and he brings it to your door/office/place of business. I did not know this service even existed! Brennan does a great job, charges a fair price and guarantees your satisfaction. I Highly recommend Brennan with My Friend Bren Sharpening.

Geof Scanlon, CPA | Regional Director, BNI


Hair Cutting Shears (Beveled Edge, Convex Edge, Serrated Edge), Thinning Shears, Texturizing Shears, Chunking Shears and Razor Shears

The simplest and most basic haircut demands shears that provide an accurate and clean cut. Dull shears greatly impact the quality of a haircut and can even damage the hair, causing split ends. Investing in preventive sharpening for your shears will keep your cliental satisfied and looking fabulous!

All sharpening is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cosmetologist Scissor Sharpening Cincinnati OH
Culinary Knife Sharpening Cincinnati OH


Home & Restaurant Chef’s Knives, Utility Knives, Paring Knives, Boning Knives, Bread knives, Butcher Knives

The day to day struggles in the kitchen are real. Having a sharp set of knives can make your day that much better. My Friend Bren Sharpening knows that a chef has a connection with their knives. Our goal is to keep your knives as sharp as possible so your cooking and cutting are safe and precise. We sharpen all of our knives with a professional knife sharpening machine that removes minimal metal. We guarantee a consistent 15 degree cutting edge on both sides of your knives, making the total angle 30 degrees. This allows for razor sharpness that will make cutting meat, vegetables, fruit and bread smooth and easy.

All sharpening is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Dental Instruments

At My Friend Bren Sharpening we strive to provide the best on-site sharpening service available for our dental office clients. All sharpening is done on-site, day of, and in our mobile sharpening service vehicles. This assures our clients that their instruments will be sharpened and back in their usage rotation the same day. Not having to ship off your instruments to be sharpened or purchase new instruments when yours go dull will save you money. Our sharpening and preventative maintenance program will also save you money while keeping your instruments in working order. By utilizing our same day sharpening program, you will always have sharp scalers and curettes for the best care for your patients.


It is very important to have sharp instruments. This makes procedures easier and more accurate and will reduce your patients chair time as well as keeping your patients as comfortable as possible. Having sharp instruments also helps dental hygienists to not have to press as hard during procedures that can result in carpal tunnel issues in the future.


  • Sickle
  • Curettes


  • Plane Edge
  • Serrated Edge
  • Micro

Dental Instrument Sharpening Cincinnati Ohio Northern Kentucky
Pet Groom Scissor Sharpening Cincinnati OH


Straight, Curved and Serrated Shears

The hassles of cutting through matted hair with dull scissors are over. Having a razor-sharp set of shears can make cutting through the most matted and tangled hair easy. Keeping your shears on a preventative maintenance schedule will maintain your shears for years to come, save you money on buying a new set of shears every time yours go dull, and will keep your well earned money in your pocket. When you use My Friend Bren Sharpening you will know that you are getting the max life out of your shears without sacrificing the quality work you perform day to day.

All sharpening is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Dressmaker’s Shears, Tailor’s Shears, Pinking Shears, Applique’ Shears, All Purpose Shears

Cutting fabric with dull shears is frustrating.  Not only does it slow down your working process but it also can ruin material.  My Friend Bren Sharpening will come to you and make your shears razor sharp for peak production.  Keeping your fabric shears on a preventive maintenance and sharpening schedule will allow for you to keep production going smoothly, cutting straight cuts and getting to the detailed areas with precision.  Having sharp shears will allow you to get as close as possible to fabric when cutting threads, cutting patterns, and cutting material for appliqué’s.  Utilizing My Friend Bren Sharpening will relieve your headache of dealing with dull shears slowing your work down and fabric getting torn or ruined.

All sharpening is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Fabric Scissors Sharpening Cincinnati OH
Pocket Knife Sharpening Cincinnati OH

Other Tools

Landscaping Tools (Grass Shears, Hedge Shears, Pruning Shears, Bypass and Anvil Secatures, Gardening Knives, Machetes, Hatchets, Axes)

Woodworking Tools (Chisels, Carving Tools)

Industrial Tools (Sheet Metal Shears, Electrical Shears)

When it comes to your tools, My Friend Bren Sharpening wants to save you money on replacing your tools prematurely.  By using our on-site sharpening capabilities My Friend Bren Sharpening will come to you to sharpen your tools for a price that is around 40% cost savings then having to order a new tool.  Our years of experience will allow for you to know your tools are sharpened professionally and keep your capital cost down.

All sharpening is 100% Satisfaction Guarenteed.

Expert Knife & Scissor Sharpening

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By utilizing our onsite sharpening services, you will be exposed to the highest-level of customer service in the industry with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. The convenience of not having to be without your shears, scissors, knives or tools for an extended period of time is a top priority for your day to day production. Our onsite sharpening capabilities allow for you to have your instruments back in your hands the same day of sharpening with the peace of mind that you will be able to do your craft safely and with the precision you expect.

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